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Nicki Minaj – Queen (2018) M4A Itunes Album AAC Quality
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icon 01 Ganja Burns.m4a10.1 MB
icon 02 Majesty (feat. Eminem & Labrinth).m4a9.9 MB
icon 03 Barbie Dreams.m4a9.3 MB
icon 04 Rich Sex (feat. Lil Wayne).m4a6.5 MB
icon 05 Hard White.m4a6.6 MB
icon 06 Bed (feat. Ariana Grande).m4a6.6 MB
icon 07 Thought I Knew You (feat. The Wee.m4a6.7 MB
icon 08 Run & Hide.m4a5.3 MB
icon 09 Chun Swae (feat. Swae Lee).m4a12.2 MB
icon 10 Chun-Li.m4a6.7 MB
icon 11 LLC.m4a7.5 MB
icon 12 Good Form.m4a6.8 MB
icon 13 Nip Tuck.m4a7.1 MB
icon 14 2 Lit 2 Late Interlude.m4a2.2 MB
icon 15 Come See About Me.m4a8.2 MB
icon 16 Sir (feat. Future).m4a7.6 MB
icon 17 Miami.m4a6.6 MB
icon 18 Coco Chanel (feat. Foxy Brown).m4a7.6 MB
icon 19 Inspirations Outro.m4a2.2 MB
icon cover.jpg311.1 KB
icon cover1.jpg16.6 KB